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Effective Tours is a unique property management software, developed in cooperation with tourist operators and hoteliers from all segments of travel industry.

For more than 4 years the application was evaluated and improved step by step. Our approach to the product was to understand all the difficulties and the nuances of the tourism industry experienced every day; we felt the need of our contribution to make the work done in much less time and resource. We make the computer to do the tedious work. As soon as you start using ET you will see how easy and native it is.

We are proud to announce that ET is free for register, you can use all the power of the software for absolutely free of charge as long as the server load is not exceeded. Normally it means that you can manage 1 small guesthouse for free, or run a small tour agent for free.

As soon as you start using more system power, we will inform you and start charging just for the exceeded system load.

As an example: to manage one group of tourist from the beginning to the end, including vouchers and bills, you will pay no more than 1 USD.

This value is a technical fee which does not depend on duration of a client stay/booking value etc.

We (ET team) believe that with powerful and essential software going along the way with low rates - we can build a very stable and strong tourism community.

This manual will explain you the basics of the system and how to get started with ET fast and easy.