Telegram activation

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Telegram is available for all known platforms, its' free, lightweight and the most secure messenger on the planet

1) Navigate to to download a copy for you pc/mac or find the app in your Android/Iphone market

2) Install Telegram and activate it with your mobile number. You will be surprised, how many of your friends already have telegram.

3) Log in to Effective Tours and navigate


4) Click the button: "Activate Telegram" and follow the instructions on the screen. Kindly asking you to read the instructions on each page, before continue!

5) As soon as you get a confirmation, youк telegram id will be automatically places in the Telegram User ID field.

6) Click "Send Test Message" - and you will receive a test message from our bot in your telegram messenger!

You can install Telegram on any amount of your devices. Phones, computers, tablets. All of the will mirror each other. Activation required only once.

In case if you want to send notifications to a group of managers, you have to create the group in Telegram, and add the bot to the group. Get the ID of the group and replace you private ID with group id. All users from your group will receive notifications. You can add and remove users any time.