Setting markup for agents

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MarkUp - the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit.
You can provide different markup values for different agents, to do that, navigate to the top menu: Hotels & Houses ->Price Markups for Houses.
You will see the screen similar to shown below.

By default, ET allows you to use up to 5 different markup groups. You can provide the markups in percent or in USD. Please provide the value only for the one of them, not both. If you want to add nothing, put 0% or 0$.
As mentioned earlier - Those markups will be added on top of the price of your hotel. According to the picture above, if you have a price of 50$, then agents with:
• Group A will get a price of 50$+5%=52,5$
• Group B: 50$+7%=53,5$
• Group C: 50$+10$=60$
• Group D: 50$+20$=70$
• Group E: 50$+0%=50$

Rates_flow_and_manipulations_Diagram Check the rates manipulation diagram to understand how Effective Tours manipulate the rates