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After opening the room mapping configuration, you will see a selection of OTA. Configuration a pretty the same for a of them, with the small difference for the Expedia only. So let's start our setup from configuration.
Click to the button - and you will get the screen very similar to this :

You must click on the Food (meal) and Accommodation options you want to send to this particular OTA. The selection will vary, depending o your hotel Room Configuration. Please select only the option you need, to avoid a big mess on the next screen. So on the example above, I configure t export the rates for TPL rooms and Apartments only. With Room Only and Bed & Breakfast meal plan. You can always change this configuration later on.
As I said earlier there is a small difference for Expedia - it's login and password for the Channel Manager. Other OTA do not require it. This login name and password are not the same, you are using to acess your Expedia Partner Central. This is a separate credentials, which Expedia will send to you together with the channel manager activation. Each hotel has different Login and password.
Click Save & Continue in case if you need to update the configuration, or Skip, if you di not make anychanges and want proceed to the room mapping.


This step is very important, please check twice, before saving the configuration. On the left hand side you have the Room Types from your OTA (In this case it's Expedia) same you name them in there. In the next column there is a rate names from the OTA, Maximum guests allowed according o the OTA configuration. And a fixed occupancy in case if you use it. If this information is not correct. You have to change it inside the particular OTA, and then refresh this screen, to the updates.
On the right side, you have a drop-down selection of the room types in Effective Tours, same as you named them in Room Configuration earlier. You will see only the selection of rooms, you check on the previous screen. So what you actually have to do, is to map the room from the OTA with the relevant room from ET and provide the occupancy for this particular rate. So for the Double room mapping the ocupancywill be 2, for the TPL room it must be 3. It's important to do everything correct, otherwise there will be a problem with the rates inside the OTA and with the booking in Agenda.
Select Active for the room you would like to export and click Save.
Repeat the same steps for other OTA.

IMPORTANT: After changing the room configuration, you must go to the Agents section: and click Export Hotels. Within 5 to 1 minutes, you will see the updates inside the OTA intranet.