Managing your hotel with ET

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Please visit Effective Tours and register your free account as hotelier. You can do it, by clicking TryItNow.jpeg on the main page.

Please provide correct information. You will get a confirmation email within 1 minute.
After confirming your email, login to the system and you are good to go.
To login to the system, click SignIn.jpg at the top of the screen.

By default, for every new account, we automatically set up a Demo Hotel for your. You can play a bit with it, to understand how the system works. You can keep it for feature, or remove it any time.

1) Navigate to Hotels & Houses -> Hotels & Houses section


2) Click AddHotel.jpg on the top right, to add your hotel

3) As the next step, fill in all the information about your hotel and confirm it by clicking AddHouse.jpg button at the bottom of the page. When choosing the location of your hotel you have to choose Country, District and the City sections. If your city is not in the list, please send us a detailed report and we will add it. 4) After successful entry you will be redirected back to Hotels & Houses section already with your newly added hotels listed. From this screen you can manage all your hotel details in the future. By putting mouse on top of the icons on the right side, you will get a highlight of what each action button does: AllHotelsList.jpg