Creating room types available in your hotel

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All configuration options are accessed through the menu on the right side of the hotel name. By clicking each of them, you can perform different configuration options. ConfigurationOptions.jpg

Same icons are available inside the hotel configuration, on the top right side of the screen: ConfigurationButtons.jpg

Please don’t be confused because of the different colors of the icons above. Each symbol is assigned to perform same actions throughout the use. Now we will explain how each part of the configuration works. All the icons and their actions are explained below:

ManageButton.jpgManaging the room types available in your hotel. Normally these are the subcategories and configurations of the rooms:
Superior room, Deluxe room, Suite Room, Bungalow, etc… You can use any name you desire.

After creating a new hotel, crucial data about your property must be added by opening Room Types and creating all the rooms. Without it, you can’t create rooms, manage prices and manage availability. After clicking on a button, you will see the following screen:


By clicking the AddRoomTypeButton.jpg you will get this screen


Provide desired room name and then tick the boxes of Food Types provided for this room.

Please note: If you do not provide any meal plans, simply check no boxes. If you have only Breakfast, the check BB. It’s important to check all of the required boxes as later you will provide separate prices for each room type and the meal plan assigned.

Room format – You have to set the accommodation plan available for selected Room Type. It’s absolutely the same like Food Type. If you have different prices for Single Room, Double Room, and Triple Room then select them all. If you provide separate price for the kids, check Child Room. If these are apartments, and the price includes all the options, then simply check Apartments.

Is Active – check this box, to make this type of room available for viewing.

Confirm Room Type setup by clicking AddRoomTypeButton.jpg

In the same manner, you have to add all type of rooms available in your property.