Create room availability Calendar (Agenda)

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RoomAvailability.jpg  Managing the room availability

Room availability is a powerful feature, will release your reservation manager from dull job of replying to the agents for the room availability requests. Now all your agents can check availability online, 24/7. Moreover, you can publish a public calendar on your web site, which allows your visitors to check the availability online. To add a booking, simply click AddBookingButton.jpg or click to the desired date in agenda.

Choose room, Meals plan for the room, Check in and Checkout dates, Booking status and provide any comments for your own need.

To change the bookings simply click on the highlighted period and change the information.

One more useful feature is exporting availability agenda in to Microsoft Excel (XLS) format. By clicking ExportXLS.jpg
Extra Option for AirBnB: If you are using other booking systems like AirBnB, Flipkey, and others, which supports iCal format, you can click RssImage.jpg to create iCal compatible calendar of room availability which can be easily implemented inside that 3d party systems. All the availability calendars on the chosen web sites will be updated automatically. Let us know, if synchronization to any other 3d party systems is required and we will do our best to connect you.

If you have your own web site, simply click PublicCalendar.jpg on the top of the agenda, and you will get a freely available agenda with room availability. This link is a read-only, it’s not password protected and displays no comments.

You can publish this link on your web site and your guests will check availability without disturbing you. Alternatively this can be sent to agents, which are still not inside the ET and they will check availability without disturbing you as well.