Connecting The AirBnb and iCal

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Effective Tours allows you to synchronize your agenda with iCal based travel agencies like:
Google calendar or any other OTA through the iCal file link.
Just click the import iCal button (mark in yellow) on your agenda, next to the room name you want to synch


Paste the ical links from the relevant travel agency, mark as active and save.


You can read here, how to get the AirBnb ical link. Other agencies work in a very similar way.

Same way, you have to setup the exporting of the ET availability to Airbnb , Flipkey, Homeaway via iCal link. To do that, copy the link from the icon marked in yellow on the screenshot below. (In windows it's usually a right click with the mouse and select copy link.)

Please NOTE! To use iCal export you should require Effective Tours to switch on this plugin

It's important to copy a link, to to open it. After you copy the link, simply follow the Airbnb instructions, how to to use it.

Mostly all of the travel agencies mentioned above operate with a single room or single property availability. It means that you have to choose to which room you want to assign reservations from each particular source, to be sure that it's available for the booking. If you have many rooms, and want to show availability if at least of the rooms are available, then get the iCal link not from the room, but from the iCal overal link, at the bottom of the agenda.