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Now all the hard work is done and your hotel(s) is inside the ET, you can simply use it to update your online calendar and keep everything up-to-date.
Although for better functionality we would suggest to send the link for all your agents which will make it even simpler.
Agents who join ET are updated with all your rates, booking periods, photos, room availability calendar. Just send them a link, and ask to register as a tourist agent or tourist operator.
Agents will not be able to see your property unless you provide them with a secure, unique single-use code which binds you together inside the system. Now I will explain how it’s done:
Click Agents.jpg , in the top menu, to open the agent area. Page will be empty if you have no agents at all, if already connected - you will see the list of your agents and service which you provide them with.

Click on AddNewAgent.jpg the new screen and provide the information about the agent:

If you allow agent to use your photos, please check Allow access to photos.
In the product section check provides hotels box and choose a Markup group for this particular agent. After, click . CreateNewAgent.jpg
In a few seconds you will see the confirmation window appear:

In the blue field, you will get a key for an agent. Please send this key to your agent, and ask them to use it when requested. This key can be used only once. The first person who use it, will be connected to you with the name of this particular agent.

Each time, when you update something inside your account and you want to update all your agents, you have to click the corresponding buttons
Each of those icons will launch a synchronization sequence updating agents with all necessary changes you made. To avoid huge system load, we monitor requested updates once per hour. It means sometimes, you agents will get updates only after one hour (sometimes instantly).
The snow ball like effect we mentioned before is created, allowing different members of your chain to be automatically updated and acknowledged of any discounts/rate changes/availability.