Configuring Channel Manager for OTA

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Configuration of Agoda, Booking and Expedia inside the Efective Tours is quite simple and nearly the same for all OTA.
As soon as your Channel Manager connection is activated and confirmed by us, we will activate the Channel Manager configuration for you. You can always access it by navigating to Hotels->Channel Manager


On the screenshot above, you can see the example of already configured properties. If your hotel is not listed yet, or you want to add another hotel, please click the blue button Connect New Hotel on top right corner. In the new dialog, you have to choose your hotel. and make it active.


After you have to choose, which OTA you want to set up. As you can see, all OTA has similar configuration;
Agoda/Booking/Expedia ID: - it's your property ID from the OTA.
Active Connection - please checkthis box only if the channel manager is already activated for this property in particular OTA
Apply to All Rate Plans - In case if you have several rate plans inside the OTA (lets sat Direct sale, Local Sales, Mobile Sales) and you want to update them all from the Effective Tours - you have to check this box. If not sure, please keep as is (not active)
MarkUp Group - choose the markup group to add to the rates while exporting them to this particular OTA. In most cases, there is same mark-up group for all OTA.
Group of Prices - In case if you have several groups of prices (let say Asian market, Europe Market, Local Market), you have to choose, which rate plans you want to export to the OTA. If unsure, keep the default value.
Interrest - This is the amount of percent, your OTA is charging you. May vary for different hotels and OTA. In most cases it's a numeric value from 10 to 20

Click Save to submit the configuration.

For AirBnb and iCal configuration please check Connecting The AirBnb and iCal

Setuping the OTA

All of your already connected hotels will be visible in the list, (the first screen above). After the name of the hotel, there is a columns with the ID of each property. If the ID is black - then the connection is active. If the ID is red, the the connection is deactivated. The last column has four icons.

1 - Will open the same dialog we configure before, to provide the ID of each property in each OTA
2 - Open a dialog for Mapping the rooms between OTA and Effective Tours
3 - Upload the rates and availability of particular property to tall connected OTA
4 - Check the bookings from the connected OTA to Effective Tours.