Adding Supplements

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If there are any supplements like extra bed, New Year’s Eve dinner, Room upgrades, etc., you have to enter the info by clicking AddSuppliment.jpg

You have to enter at least one supplement for the property. Just follow the instruction to add them.

By clicking Plus.jpg you can add new Supplements.

All supplements are divided into groups. For example: Room Upgrades, Food Upgrade, Extra Service and others. To avoid confusion, you have to create the group first.

On the example above, I add Room Upgrades group. After this is done, you can return back to the Add Supplement section where a new Supplement type can be added.

Finally, now you can enter the price for the supplement

Choose supplement type, start/finish date and the price. As you can see above, we add a Sea View room upgrade, from 1 of November to 12 of December which costs 25$.

After entering room types and supplements, you will get a screen similar to this:

Anytime later, you can add new supplements/groups of supplements, change room configuration, etc.