Access rights for the Agents

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With the OTA is quite simple to work with bookings, normally they are the Boss, and can book the rooms from your agenda without any restrictions. The only one is the rooms availability of course. ;) But when you dealing with offline agents, like private agencies and small operators, you always have a power to control, to hold, to confirm and to cancel. To make if more flexible, we add the "acces rights for the agents" feature. While you in the Agenda section of your hotel, simply click the lock icon
Which will give you a list of your already connected agencies, with the permissions for them. There is 3 types of access.
Read Only - Allows your agent only to check the availability but the rest has to be managed by you.
Read & Hold - Allows the agent not only check, but even make a hold for the room. Then later, you can accept it or cancel.
Read & Hold & Book - Most powerful rights, which gives the agent same rights as for the OTA. But of course, you still can manage this booking by yourself.
So if your agent is a well trusted one, we suggest you to avoid headache for both of you by providing the maximum access level, and for others, everything is depends from you.